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⊗⊕⊗⊕⊗⊕⊗⊕ΞΞΞΞΞ” Proxy  Saliva  from  a  Ranked  Souvenir “ΞΞΞΞΞ⊗⊕⊗⊕⊗⊕⊗⊕

Alan Cromo – Maite OzDon ElektroEscapescapesVilla_cryptaAndo Naulainen –       El PeleleDarja Popolitova (full video) – Iris Helena HamersThèophile BartzKidxanthraxGabriel MassanEcology141Nico Lillo (curator)


“Proxy Saliva from a Ranked Souvenir”: Is the act of loading a privileged Point of View from a cloud store which shows
the ultimate digital migrational limbo between art capitals.

Ranking to the top of a cloud is a journey embedded with intellectual property  mechanisms of extortion which are
sponsored by parastatal mediator agencies. Are artists  becoming souvenir creators? or they  materializing themselves into souvenirs ?

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